[Marxism] A Push to Save Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake - NYTimes.com

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jun 10 08:48:46 MDT 2014

(I tend to send along an entire NYT article since a paywall kicks in 
after a number of accesses each month but when the article contains a 
number of important links--as this one does--it is a good idea to go to 
the NYT to check them out.)

As the sun rises on Tonle Sap Lake, fishermen head out from floating 
villages like this one, past half-submerged mangroves and flooded shrub 
land, to check their nets, much as they have for centuries.

Every year, the lake yields about 300,000 tons of fish, making it one of 
the world’s most productive freshwater ecosystems. That and the floods 
that pulse through it in monsoon season, swelling it to as much as five 
times its dry-season size, have earned the lake the nickname “Cambodia’s 
beating heart.”

But the Tonle Sap is in trouble — from overfishing to feed a 
fast-growing population, from the cutting of mangrove forests that 
shelter young fish, from hydroelectric dams upstream, and from the dry 
seasons that are expected to grow hotter and longer with climate change.


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