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Wed Jun 11 12:38:40 MDT 2014

Great. I'm starting work on the upcoming Series "Sons Of Liberty" and
wanted to get my knowledge correct.

Thanks folks!

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> On 6/11/14 1:39 PM, Ernest Leif via Marxism wrote:
>> Any suggestions on good, left wing reads?
>> I haven't read about it, sadly with and with no excuse, since 7th grade at
>> Central Park East Secondary School.
>> Thanks folks
>> Ernest
> The Unruly Revolution
> — Sakina M. Hughes
>     The Unknown American Revolution
>     The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the Struggle to Create America
>     by Gary B. Nash
>     New York: Viking Penguin Group, 2005 492 pp + index. Hardcover:
> $27.95; paperback: $16.
> GARY NASH'S THE Unknown American Revolution fully discloses its aims to
> propagate both historical and social lessons. Nash retells the story of the
> American Revolution, complicating and radicalizing its core narrative as "a
> people's revolution, an upheaval among the most heterogeneous people to be
> found anywhere along the Atlantic littoral in the eighteenth century."
> The characters in The Unknown American Revolution "looked toward a
> redistribution of political, social, and religious power; the discarding of
> old institutions and the creation of new ones; the overthrowing of
> ingrained patterns of conservative, elitist thought; the leveling of
> society so that top and bottom were not widely separated; the end of the
> nightmare of slavery and genocidal intentions of land-crazed frontiersmen;
> the hope of women of achieving a public voice." (xvii)
> full: http://www.solidarity-us.org/site/node/230

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