[Marxism] IS Network - Solidarity and Counterrevolution in Egypt: an introduction

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The comment I just posted in response:
It goes without saying that all victims of repression in Egypt must be
supported. And certainly that is what my group, the MENA Solidarity
Network-US, does in words and in practice.
However, Sam seriously underestimates the extent to which the R4bia
movement, and its supporters globally, made its central demand the
restoration of Morsi. In testimony, written and photographic, from Egypt,
and in signs at rallies in New York (where I am), there is no question that
after being removed, the MB continued to demand Morsi's restoration.
What's more, despite rhetoric in the Brussels Declaration about social
justice, the MB program, policies and actions are solidly neoliberal.
Which, again, doesn't mean we shouldn't support their civil liberties and
freedom from repression. But it DOES mean that we shouldn't spread
illusions about the MB as a party which has any progressive role to play in
achieving social justice and completing the revolution.
In Facebook exchanges between Sam and I he has been repeatedly and severely
mocking of those who believe, as I do, that the working class must be at
the center of that completion. I'll let him speak for himself as to whether
that's still the case.

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> One of the essential components of the mythology that served as a
> justification for the military coup, and which now serves as justification
> for the ongoing repression against the anti-coup movement is this notion
> that the removal of Morsi was basically unanimously supported by ‘the
> Egyptian people’ or, depending on who’s propagating a variant of the myth,
> ‘the masses’ and ‘the multitudes’. All of those opposed to July 3 are
> merely the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, and their opposition is based on
> irrational obedience to their tribe, as opposed to ‘the will of the
> Egyptian people’ and ‘the continuation of the revolution’. This mythology
> has successfully managed to delegitimise the fair and free elections that
> brought Mohamed Morsi to power in 2012, not to mention the parliamentary
> elections of 2011, which were dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood’s
> political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), while it has
> legitimised the military coup and the elimination of the Muslim Brotherhood.
> full: http://internationalsocialistnetwork.org/index.php/ideas-and-
> arguments/analysis/447-solidarity-and-counterrevolution-in-egypt-an-
> introduction
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