[Marxism] Bourgeoisie to Maidan: Thanks very much, now go home

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 13:38:47 MDT 2014

Yes, Shane, please don't go to any US football games, might have a heart

BTW, Occupy was sneered at in much the same style by the Official Left.
There is an underlying linkage between these attitudes towards Occupy, and
the Arab Spring and now, more glaringly, Ukraine.  It's a kind of
counterrevolutionary bureaucratic elitism  genuinely afraid of direct
contact with the sweaty tattooed masses.  And in any reasonably developed
country today, the masses are almost entirely wage laborers.

Anyway, my point in posting was to ask whether or not we are approaching a
political turning point with Maidan.


Claiborne: "What I saw in the video was the masses in revolt and I am
definitely on
their side. Since you say you aren't, that makes other things clearer. The
whole scene reminded me of Occupy LA. Of course with OLA, I'm sure there
might be a person or two you find objectionable based on appearances or a
one sentence rant [I remembers some of the  things we talked about doing to
LBJ and Nixon when we were students], then you can use those images to
discredit the whole occupation. Come to think of it, that's exactly the
tactic the "city fathers" used to shut down OLA, which makes me question
which side you are on."

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