[Marxism] Unions and the fight against redundancies

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 19:54:00 MDT 2014

Redundancies are not a regular occurrence in NZ, as in so much of the rest
of the capitalist world, but here they are almost never resisted.  No
matter what low-point the class struggle has reached wherever you are, I
can assure you it is several steps up (at least) from New Zealand.

We have articles on Redline from time to time about this and we try to
point to other struggles overseas, especially occupations like the Vio.me
one in Greece, as an alternative to simply accepting the redundancies and
taking up the bosses' offer to pay for counselling (I kid you not!).

Anyway, we've just stuck up a piece by a Redline reader who is also a
full-time union organiser.  It is a sign of the times in the NZ union
movement that he remains anonymous and we aren't able to mention his union
- which is actually probably one of the better ones.

I know each country is specific, but it would be great if people form some
other countries could take a look at it and post some comments on it,
drawing on experiences from their own countries.  While, unlike a lot of
the left here, we're very realistic about the low level of class struggle,
it would be good if people could give some positive examples of struggles
from their own countries - that doesn't necessarily mean victories, even
stand-offs where the workers came out better organised and with a higher
level of consciousness would be good.

Anyway, the article on unions and the fight against redundancies is here:


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