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June 13, 2014, Issue 203


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1A. Editorial: The Tragedy in Iraq and Syria

1.   Quotes Of The Month — Albert Einstein

2.   Foreign Policy Bait And Switch

3.   The American Way Of War

4.   Abortion Doctors Restrictions Take Root In South

5.   New Global Focus On Anti-Woman Violence

6.   Ending Child Marriage In Africa Cannot Wait

7.   The People’s Communes Of Venezuela

8.   What Really Happened In Tiananmen Square?

9.   The Future Visible In St. Petersburg

10.  How The U.S. Started And Lost The Afghan War

11.  Short Guide To Capital In The 21st Century

12.  Supreme Court: Church Beats State

13.  The Feds’ Push For Big Data

14.  Books: Water, Peace, And War

15.  Books: E.E. Cummings

16.  The Facts About Climate Change

17.  13 Arrested Protesting Police Killings

18.  Still Flying After 34 Million Years

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