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I'm missing something. Except for the very last line, which is an anecdote
about one unnamed SWP-UKer speculating about Venezuela, I don't see
evidence for Barry's claim that these three theories remain a dividing line
with practical consequences -- and I say that as a staunch orthoTrot
(degenerated/deformed workers' stater).

I'm glad he can't prove it, because in fact revolutionary socialists and
anarchists of many different stripes, organized and not, are collaborating
and finding much common ground in solidarity work with the Arab Revolution,
around Ukraine/Russia, China, and elsewhere.

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> By *Barry Sheppard*
> June 6, 2014 -- In this two-part article I examine the ramifications for
> today of the three theories of the USSR that emerged from the Left
> Opposition: state capitalism, bureaucratic collectivism and Leon Trotsky's
> theory of the degenerated workers' state.
> First, to clear the air, let's briefly look at what the three currents had
> in common, as well as their political differences, up to the end of the
> Second World War. All three traced their roots to the Russian Revolution
> and its leadership, and the new Communist International that emerged from
> it. They also agreed that as a result of the international isolation of the
> revolution, its encirclement by hostile capitalist regimes, the economic
> backwardness inherited from tsarism and the destruction by the
> imperialist-backed civil war coming on top of that of the First World War,
> the economy of Soviet Russia was devastated.
> Full article at http://links.org.au/node/3901
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