[Marxism] Three elections, one story - The Hindu

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jun 15 07:59:43 MDT 2014


In this article Vijay Prashad writes:

"Assad would be mistaken if he reads the election results as a 
validation of his rule. It would be far better to see this as a serious 
call for an end to the war, and for his government to reach out to the 
rebels on the ground toward rapprochement."

I am rather dismayed to see this sort of punditry from someone who 
should know better. The formulation smacks of NY Times Op-Ed wise 
counsel to those in power. In days of yore, you would see someone like 
Anthony Lewis writing: "President Johnson should understand that 
continued bombing raids on Hanoi will only deepen Vietnamese resistance."

In fact, people like LBJ and Bashar al-Assad respond to one thing and 
one thing only: violence. In the case of the Vietnam War, it was rebel 
violence that decided the day. In Syria, it was MIG's and the failure of 
rebels to procure anti-aircraft weaponry (plus Hizbollah intervention) 
that allowed Bashar al-Assad to secure victory. The idea that he will 
"reach out" to rebels is patently absurd.

I don't know whether Vijay wrote such nonsense because that is what his 
editors in a bourgeois newspaper expected or because he believes it. For 
his sake, I hope it is the former.

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