[Marxism] Left Forum panel discussion on Lenin and democracy | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jun 15 14:10:01 MDT 2014

This is the first in a series of videos I made at the recently concluded 
Left Forum.

Even though I was reconciled to making some points about Lenin and 
democracy within the sixty seconds allotted me during the Q&A after the 
presentations above, I was not ready to limit myself to a question. 
After 30 seconds (I timed myself) of making some points about the 
Bolsheviks opposing democracy in the Ukraine after 1917, someone in the 
audience interrupted me, telling me that I could only ask a question. I 
gave up at that point and walked out in disgust. If I knew who the 
nitwit was, I would have written an open letter warning him that if he 
ever did it again, he’d regret it–dagnabit.

Now that I am back in my ‘hood—the Internet—I don’t have to show anybody 
my stinking badge as the Mexican bandit told Humphrey Bogart in 
“Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. I will have my say on these questions 
now and that’s that.

As might be expected from a panel organized by Paul Le Blanc, there was 
effusive praise for Lenin as a democrat. Nimtz just wrote a book titled 
“Lenin’s Electoral Strategy from 1907 to the October Revolution of 1917: 
The Ballot, the Streets – or Both” that can be yours for a mere $85. An 
educated consumer can listen to him and decide whether to pony up the 
cash. Ty Law focused most of his talk on the election campaigns being 
run by Socialist Alternative, including his own in Minneapolis.


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