[Marxism] Re And I thought I was the only person who couldn't stand Sebastian Budgen

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Tue Jun 17 19:51:36 MDT 2014

I submit further evidence. I had sent the message below both to HM and 
to the Weekly Worker, in response to their good review of the 
conference. I am not a sectarian, afaik. And how many of those $150 
Brill books really reappear in Haymarket format? Very few from my view. 
And why are the papers of the conference so sacrosanct? I can go to 
David Harvey's website and get gratis downloads of his lectures as soon 
as they're given. Same with countless others.

[my rejoinder slightly edited]

Dear Sebastian Budgen,

Thank you for taking the trouble to respond. Before you shut down any 
opportunity to rejoin, may I add that the examples of organizations (the 
many OWS movements such as Boston's with volunteer Doug Greene come to 
mind, or again David Harvey's website or Democracy Now! fagodsake) that 
tape these events and quite readily find enough dedicated volunteers, 
without cumbersome bureaucratic red-tape, to have them timely posted 
online and transcribed, are numerous, organizations that realize that 
their proceedings are sufficiently valuable to activists everywhere, 
time's a-wasting, and therefore they are worth getting out there asap. 
HM has a certain reputation in this regard. I'm not the first or only 
one to call attention to this. Your intemperate response seems to speak 
eloquently to your indifference to the fact that this is the middle of 
January and the event was held in mid-November, and I and others like me 
still can't read a word or view a glimpse of what took place, nor do you 
furnish any date by which you expect that we will ("will be gradually 
put online as we receive them and get the time to do so"). That's kind 
of sorry. There's no doubt that a lot of thought and energy goes into 
what you do, that's a credit to you, certainly, but don't assume that 
you're beyond reproach, or that you're not in many ways an exasperation 
to many of us, who might take kindly to a little self-acknowledgement 
and less high-Budgen-dudgeon. You might take this exchange to the board, 
you certainly have my OK, I'll abide more intemperate remarks, and maybe 
something positive could come of it.

Ralph Johansen

On 1/16/2012 5:16 AM, Sebastian Budgen wrote:
> Dear Ralph Johansen,
> no thanks at all for your snotty and arrogant email which you also 
> sent, quite bizarrely, to the /Weekly Worker/. You could have chosen 
> to ask us this question in a comradely manner, but the snarky and 
> snide route obviously suited you better. Perhaps you should consider 
> the possibility that if "the Left is insignificant and in deep 
> trouble", it is at least in part down to the prevalence of anti-social 
> little twits like yourself?
> For the record - and not for you, since you are clearly a waste of 
> space - the papers from the conference will be gradually put online as 
> we receive them and get the time to do so, the journal relying 
> entirely on unpaid militant labour with out any secretarial or 
> administrative help. Moreover, the $100 Brill books that you choose to 
> make a dig at all come out also as affordable paperbacks with 
> Haymarket Books in the US - but to know that, one would have to be 
> bothered to find out, a task clearly beyond someone as lazy and 
> incompetent as yourself.
> Don't ever write to us again.
> Sebastian Budgen (personal capacity)
> Member of the Historical Materialism Editorial Board
> On 11 janv. 12, at 19:42, Journal of Historical Materialism wrote:
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>> From: Ralph Johansen <mdriscollrj at charter.net 
>> <mailto:mdriscollrj at charter.net>>
>> Date: 11 January 2012 04:51
>> Subject: Proceedings of the Historical Materialism conference in
>> London in November
>> To: historicalmaterialism at soas.ac.uk 
>> <mailto:historicalmaterialism at soas.ac.uk>
>> I am curious as to why the proceedings of the conference in London
>> sponsored by Historical Materialism in November are not being made
>> available online. Stat. I am not able to find them online when I
>> google historical materialism conference proceedings or Historical
>> Materialism. That's not ordinarily an insurmountable task. Look for
>> example at David Harvey's informative website. Is it because your
>> proceedings are being collected for another $100 book to be published
>> by Brill? If what was said there is so significant, why isn't it out
>> there for comrades all over the place to take notice of, discuss and
>> even learn from? Is it that this contribution to our urgent socialist
>> project is on hold until the press runs? Does this in any way
>> exemplify why the Left is insignificant, and in deep trouble?

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