[Marxism] Dust-Up at Jacobin magazine

Art McGee amcgee at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 22:03:40 MDT 2014

> From: michael yates <mikedjyates at msn.com>
> Subject: [Marxism] Dust-Up at Jacobin magazine
> Anyone who wants to see how absolutely useless a good portion of the class
> of self-proclaimed U.S. leftwing "urban intellectuals" is should read the
> many exchanges on facebook and twitter (and who knows where else)
> concerning a rather trivial article in Jacobin magazine about "brocialism."
> There are so many examples of egomaniacal, petty, vile, and vicious
> behavior on display that it is impossible to know where to begin. A real
> disgrace in every respect. I almost feel sorry for Jacobin. Jacobin editor,
> if you are listening, discipline your troops!

Is "urban" a euphemism for Black?

Last I heard, so-called "urban intellectuals" are also some of the key
people involved with Jacobin. :-D

Hang in there, Mr. Yates, the people will rally behind you and your
infinite wisdom any day now. I can feel it.

Art McGee

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