[Marxism] Re And I thought I was the only person who couldn't stand Sebastian Budgen

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 08:53:48 MDT 2014

I don't usually bother with ad hominem threads like this, but the biggest
offense that's passed under my eyes was that he's unfriending people on Fb
for what others deem to be trivial reasons, , , , And that HM is generally
an elitist operation.

>From my perspective, cn onferences, publishing, etc. tend to mirror the
familiar hierarchies of the academic world.  For as long as I've been
around, I've never seen a Left organization that didn't genuflect before
the right degrees from the right places.  And I suspect that it's gone on
for a lot longer than I've been around.  I see no reason to expect that to
change or any necessity that it do so in the immediate future.

Academe and higher education are not mechanisms for changing the world.  At
best, its institutions can reflect change.  At worst, they coopt it.

Mark L

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