[Marxism] Bush, Barack & Bashar BFF to Islamic Extremists in Iraq & Syria

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I was tempted to just go with "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" because all
the minutia is so tedious, but I hadn't really seen the details on
Baghdadi, ISI, AQI, ISIS and JAN teased out it a way that is easy to digest
so I included that an it took awhile.

Did you see the piece in NRB today? Completely glossed over last 8 years of
ISIS and Baghdadi. Got a lot wrong too,

I was going to send it to you for critical review first but then I just
wanted to get it done. Its no too late, if you anything that could be

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On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 7:40 AM, Andrew Pollack <acpollack2 at gmail.com>

> fucking brilliant as always
> skimmed it and am now working my way through it more slowly
> the punchline:
> " The only force that is doing it right, the only force on the ground that
> is actually fighting ISIS and winning is the Free Syrian Army and its
> allies and the best course of action for those concerned about the rise of
> the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham is to see that they get the arms and
> supplies they need to defeat both ISIS and the Assad regime and set Syria
> on the road to a democratic future."
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 5:19 PM, Clay Claiborne via Marxism <
> marxism at lists.csbs.utah.edu> wrote:
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>> Major new piece from Linux Beach:
>>       Bush, Barack & Bashar BFF to Islamic Extremists in Iraq & Syria
>>       <
>> http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/06/bush-barack-bashar-bff-to-islamic.html
>> >
>> Exceprts:
>> > When Obama reneged on his pledge to respond to Assad's growing and
>> > continued use of chemical weapons, he showed again that Western
>> > promises were worth nothing and Western regard for Arab lives was
>> > worth even less. This failure to act on long promoted "humanitarian"
>> > concerns greatly demoralized the democratic forces and represented a
>> > propaganda coup for those that said only fools would look to the West
>> > to find a vision of Syrian or Iraqi future. After 21 August 2013, many
>> > more fighters cast their lot with the jihadists. The fall of Mosul and
>> > Tikrit in Iraq to forces under the leadership of ISIS is blow back
>> > from Obama's failure to take action after Assad's chemical attacks.
>> >
>> > Odd as it may sound, the leadership of ISI may have seen its initial
>> > expansion into Syria as a defensive move! After the Syrian Revolution
>> > began, the eyes of young Arabs turned to the struggle going on in
>> > Syria against the Assad regime. Colonel Hajji Bakr feared that
>> > everyone would start going to Syria to fight, leading to a collapse of
>> > their group. Initially Baghdadi forbade anyone going to Syria and
>> > considered all who disobeyed his order to be defectors. This
>> > non-interventionist policy wasn't holding so Bakr proposed the forming
>> > of a non-Iraqi battalion to be sent to Syria. This new command would
>> > be under Syrian leadership and was to attract non-Iraqi fighters from
>> > abroad. No Iraqi officers could join. This was the beginning of Jabhat
>> > al Nusra [JAN], also know as al Nusra Front. Baghdadi sent Abu
>> > Mohammed al-Golani to Syria to run it.
>> >
>> > The "Front", as it became known, came to Syria with fresh but seasoned
>> > fighters and better arms than the Free Syrian Army. They enjoyed some
>> > notable battlefield successes and soon became famous worldwide,
>> > attracting jihadists from the Gulf, North Africa, Yemen, even Europe
>> > and the US. Meanwhile, back in Iraq, Baghdadi and Bakr were beginning
>> > to fear they'd created a monster that out shined them. They ordered
>> > al-Golani to announce that al Nusra was officially under the "State of
>> > Iraq" and Baghdadi. Golani said he'd think about it. Then he sent
>> > Baghdadi a letter saying it wouldn't be in the best interest of the
>> > revolution, sorry Charlie.
>> >
>> > Baghdadi and Bakr were furious. Then US President Obama put al Nusra
>> > Front on the terrorist list, making Golani the most wanted man in
>> > Syria. That was the last straw. They feared al Nusra was getting off
>> > the reservation so as a test of loyalty, Baghdadi told Golani at a
>> > meeting in Turkey to conduct military operations against the FSA. The
>> > Front's Shura council unanimously rejected the orders. In a strongly
>> > worded letter Baghdadi responded by telling Golani to obey the orders
>> > or disband al-Nusra. After waiting for a reply, which never came,
>> > Baghdadi sent an envoy who Golani refused to meet.
>> >
>> > Baghdadi was now more determined than ever to bring al Nusra Front
>> > firmly under his wing and announce the formation of a united Islamic
>> > State of Iraq and the Levant [ISIS]. There was a lot of "inside
>> > baseball" spy vs. spy stuff that went on. Baghdadi sent Iraqi
>> > commanders to meet with and entice Front commanders to join them. Some
>> > were caught by the Front and "detained." The Iraqi emir of "the State"
>> > traveled to Syria and summoned Golani to a meeting. Golani apologized
>> > "for security reasons" but refused to back it up in writing once he
>> > was safely away. So Baghdadi decided to unilaterally announce the
>> > disbanding of al Nusra Front and the formation of the Islamic State of
>> > Iraq and the Levant. Al Nursa didn't disband but it did split with
>> > some going to ISIS and others staying with the JAN. A Saudi officer,
>> > called Bandar al-Shaalan recruited some of the al Nusra officers for
>> > Baghdadi.
>> >
>> > In what may have been the opening shot of the hot war between the
>> > jihadists, Bakr suggested Baghdadi send a security detail to seize
>> > JAN's arms depots, eliminate all who resisted, and put bombs under the
>> > cars of Golani and his close associates. Sensing trouble, Golani
>> > appealed to the head of all al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, to settle the
>> > dispute between the two al Qaeda franchises. Zawahiri got Yemen and
>> > Saudi jihadists involved and came to the decision that the time wasn't
>> > right for the merger, al Nusra would stand as the official al Qaeda
>> > franchise holder in Syria and ISIS was to disbanded....
>> *More ...*
>> <
>> http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/06/bush-barack-bashar-bff-to-islamic.html
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