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Jesse Lemisch jesse.lemisch at verizon.net
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Historians (and others): read this Guardian expose, and don't even think of 
publishing with Taylor and Francis. I published recently in THE SIXTIES: A 
Journal of History, Politics and Culture (May 2014), my "Steve Kindred 
(1944-2013) and University of Chicago Students for a Democratic Society: a 
distinctive strain within the New Left, both passionate and reasoned."
Never again: they should be boycotted, just as this Guardian article 
indicates that British academics are doing with Elsevier. Before 
publication, T and F offered to sell me my article for $39, and then made it 
almost impossible for me to send copies to friends. (I ended up making it 
available outside of T and F: 
http://newpol.org/content/steve-kindred-1944-2013-and-university-chicago-students-democratic-society. ) 
This came only after numerous back-and-forths before these pirates finally 
acknowledged that I didn't have to give these pirates the copyright. Their 
almost totally computerized processing of articles freely distributes 
erroneous messages. One of the journal's editors (not Jeremy Varon) failed 
to forward to them my signed licensing agreement and then proceeded to 
lecture me on the silliness of my concern over the lengthening delay. It 
turned out that the article was going noplace because the required licensing 
agreement hadn't gotten to them. He urged a charitable attitude towards them 
because, he argued, they work on a "small margin." A truly amazing remark 
for a journal editor, especially one who edits a journal on the Sixties.

Jesse Lemisch

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