[Marxism] Re And I thought I was the only person who couldn't stand Sebastian Budgen

james pitman marinercarpentry at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 13:31:33 MDT 2014

Budgen is probably the most outspoken proponent of intellectual property
rights since Metallica. Whoever stuck up for him on the basis of his fb
profile is a one-man idiot. Most of the stuff he posts is behind a pay
wall. He was the biggest single voice on the HM board for not barring the
swp from future HM conferences for their rape apology. He bullied a marxist
academic out of his job at SOAS on the basis of a personal feud. He calls
people 'scabs' for downloading pdfs. He was born with a silver spoon in his
mouth and he now uses it to beat people who 'rise above their station
with'. If people think that's defensible then you're really not a marxist -
you're a jerk.


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> The hierarchy is immensely more arcane and complicated than this, perhaps
> because there has never been a UAW to make it more standardized.
> THE ideological foundation of an academic self-perception centers on the
> notion that it is somehow, when all is said and done, a meritocracy.  And
> that there a key signifiers that provide a shorthand for merit.  Tenure is
> only one of them . . . and it is not necessarily the most important.  A
> graduate student in an elite university might well rank higher than the
> hard working employed academic in a lesser institution, whether tenured or
> adjunct.
> As far as the organized Left is concerned, that same grad student can be
> the voice of the oppressed proletarian against the armchair (ie., not a
> member of a sect) petty bourgeois academic.  I have seen this, experienced
> it and laughed about it for many years.
> Whatever the yardstick, the plebes are just not going to measure up . . .
> particularly if they don't stay in their place.
> The problem comes when we buy into that meritocracy stuff or, worse, the
> notion that some institutional connection means merit.
> Solidarity,
> Mark L.
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