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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jun 18 14:01:39 MDT 2014

On 6/18/14 3:41 PM, DW wrote:
> Then test again, do more studies, meta-studies and compare papers, etc
> etc. At a certain point it becomes clear that a substance causes cancer.
> This was done, by the way, with  tobacco and why all doctors and
> oncologists understood it caused cancer.

You are missing the point entirely. Tobacco is certainly a proven 
carcinogen, just as was radium a cause of cancer for the people who used 
work on wristwatches and. But it is infinitely more difficult to 
establish a link between *environmental* conditions and cancer. You can 
see how NY Times reporter Gina Kolata plays the same role as Spiked 
Online on this:

Cancer Clusters Look Less Manmade
Posted on December 14, 2005

Efforts to link environmental factors to cancer have foundered recently, 
as highlighted in an article by New York Times science reporter, Gina 

But those who subscribe to the cancer cluster theory still aren’t 
satisfied. So how do you explain an alleged increased rate of cancer in 
a small area? Our Cancer Clusters: Findings vs. Feelings addressed some 
of the key weaknesses in the theory that they can be chalked up to 
manmade causes such as industrial chemicals.


This is from a website that Spiked Online naturally touts:

Elizabeth Whelan
Chemophobia cleans up

The president of the American Council on Science and Health on how New 
York's governor fell for junk science.

21 February 2005

To much of the world, New York probably seems like a place of high 
technology and unfettered capitalism, yet its governor George Pataki is 
keen to impose unscientific new regulations - on cleaning products. 
Pataki’s State of the State address last month deserves sceptical analysis.

Many Americans falsely believe we are suffering an unexplained upsurge 
in cancer rates - and that chemicals may be the culprit. Unfortunately, 
Pataki chose to reinforce that myth in his speech.  He announced that by 
means of an Executive Order, he would require ‘all state agencies and 
authorities to begin using non-toxic cleaning products that are free of 
harmful chemicals’. He added, ‘And later this session, I will submit 
legislation that requires all schools in the state to do the same’.

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