[Marxism] And I thought I was the only person who couldn't stand Sebastian Budgen

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 18:23:00 MDT 2014

Budgen sounds like the Metallica of left academia.

Don't forget Routledge in the parasite rentier mix, sitting athwart the
academic-intellectual nexus.  Here's an example:

Rosa Luxemburg and the Critique of Political Economy


Even the used paperback is $47!  Nothing on libcom, alas.  Last resort is
to scan the library copy.

And yes, this research has connection to, among others, the Marxian rent
concept.  The bloated prices for academic books is an excellent example of
the essentially arbitrary magnitude of rent/surplus profit tribute.  Unlike
in Marx's examples, set in capitalist agricultural production, these
intellectual products are non-productively consumed.  The sphere of
non-productive consumption is ipso facto not directly regulated by the law
of value, as is capitalist production.  Therefor the differential
regulation of rent magnitude analyzed by Marx does not necessarily hold
here, and is one reason capital swarms into the "consumer sector".


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