[Marxism] On Torture in the "Moderate" FSA

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jun 20 07:57:30 MDT 2014

On 6/20/14 7:24 AM, Greg McDonald via Marxism wrote:
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>  From that wonderful exemplar of the tankie press, the Armenian Weekly
> http://www.armenianweekly.com/2014/06/17/hell/

 From another article by the author of the above:

Certainly the outcome of the June 3, 2014 Syrian elections is not in 
doubt; barring a miracle, President Assad will start a third term as the 
head of the state. But while western governments and the mainstream 
media would like us to believe that the election is a farce, the reality 
is otherwise.

In the past several days, millions of Syrian refugees and compatriots 
have submitted their absentee ballots at more than 40 Syrian embassies 
around the world, including in Lebanon, Armenia, Jordan, Russia, and 
elsewhere. According to most reports, the vast majority of the Syrians 
who have cast their absentee ballots have voted for President Assad.


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