[Marxism] Sober analysis of Syria at Al-Akhbar

Anas anaselhaouat at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 20 08:31:59 MDT 2014

Al-Akhbar was the only Arab newspaper that talked about women's rights, gay rights, migrant rights, anti semitism, class and racism in the Middle East from a non-sectarian and non-bourgeois point of view. This isn't the case anymore because of the hijacking of its editorial powers by the hard line and conspiratorial Ibrahim Al Amine (the man who blamed Al-Yarmouk's siege on Palestinians' support for the FSA), and because its readership's radicalization with the Syrian civil war. 

The article I linked is a positive change of this paper. Interesting is the comments section denouncing the author as a CIA or Saudi agent. 


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