[Marxism] Facing the Grim Reaper, Once Again: Buddha, Galileo and the Hospital Industry | CENSA

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Fri Jun 20 13:55:00 MDT 2014

By Roger Burbach

  On the Ides of March I awoke in a cold sweat from an apocalyptic 
nightmare in a hospital bed at the University of California, San 
Francisco medical center. I trembled and could not suppress a cry as I 
recalled my dream of General Augusto Pinochet rising from his tomb as a 
skeleton. Donned in his military cap and cloak, he looked like the 
skeletons that are prominently displayed in Mexico on the Day of the 
Dead. He carried the scythe of the Grim Reaper and began marching 
through the streets of Santiago, Chile, slaughtering those that crossed 
his path. He went to the chambers of Judge Juan Guzman who had 
prosecuted him, hacked him in half with the scythe, then proceeded to 
the offices of Juan Pablo Cardenas, the editor of the leading resistance 
magazine during the dictatorship, destroying desks and typewriters 
before cornering Juan Pablo. He next sought out my friend Fernando 
Zegers, a lawyer who worked at the Vicariate of Solidarity, a human 
rights organization founded by Cardinal Raul Silvia Henriquez. Seeing a 
picture of the now departed Cardinal on the wall, Pinochet cursed at it 
saying “you hid Communists under your bed.”

Desperately I called on everyone I knew in Chile and abroad to help 
resist the General’s onslaught, but to no avail. Even when my comrades 
managed to break his bones, the skeleton reassembled. Finally Pinochet 
spotted me and as he approached with his raised scythe I awoke from my 
traumatic nightmare.


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