[Marxism] More nonsense from the pro-Russia brigade

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 15:39:50 MDT 2014

True, but there must be some way to discuss the intersection of economic
and political inequalities at the international level, which are discussed,
however ahistorical and erroneously, by the campists, without ignoring the
internal class dynamics of each nation. Isn't the primary criticism of the
campists that they ignore internal class dynamics at the expense of a
static geopolitical analysis? Why then ignore geopolitical analysis and
focus solely on internal class dynamics? While Lenin's theory of
imperialism may connote a certain economic reductionism, that does not
negate the fact that finance capital plays an important role in the
movement of politics and war iatthe international level. Why throw the baby
out with the bathwater?  And I'm not talking about the conspiracy theory
stuff, or the absurd bloc of nations critiqued by Michael Karadjis. It
seems to me if you ignore one at the expense of the other, you end up with
a distorted perspective.

Greg McDonald

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 10:24 AM, Andrew Pollack via Marxism <
marxism at lists.csbs.utah.edu> wrote:

> The formal logic struck me too when reading Williams' sections on finance
> capital and wealth, who's got 'em or not. There's no sense of direction of
> motion. Yes, Russia and China have comparatively less finance capital
> needing to be invested abroad (although China's propping up of Treasury
> bills with revenue from commodity exports is nothing to sneeze at as a
> factor impacting diplomacy and military behavior). But both countries want
> and need to head in that direction, are impelled to do so by the
> resurrected laws of motion of capital in their countries.

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