[Marxism] Iraq: Defend the Sunni Rebellion against the Maliki Regime and US Imperialism!

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Sun Jun 22 12:11:30 MDT 2014

Iraq: Defend the Sunni Rebellion against the Maliki Regime and US

Down with all Reactionary Religious Sectarianism! For a Workers’ and
Peasants’ Republic!

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT),
22.6.2014, www.thecommunists.net

1. A mass rebellion of the Sunni population has swept away government
control over most of the Sunni areas in Iraq. This rebellion has sounded
alarm bells not only among the bourgeois-Islamist Shia sectarian regime
of Nouri al-Maliki, but also among the ruling classes in Washington and
Teheran. The resulting destabilization of post-occupation Iraq signals a
major defeat for US imperialism. As a result, the US has begun a new
military intervention in Iraq. In light of these developments, the
central task of socialists is to defend the uprising against the
attempts of the Maliki regime, as well as of Washington and Teheran, to
crush it. At the same time, reactionary forces like the arch-reactionary
Salafist group Islamic State in Iraq and Levante (ISIL – often also
abridged as ISIS) must be driven back, since they represent a major
obstacle to the building of a non-sectarian resistance of workers and
peasants in the Middle East against imperialism and reactionary
dictatorships. The task is to transform the current rebellions in the
Middle East into a region-wide class struggle for a socialist federation
of workers’ and peasants’ republics.


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