[Marxism] Fouad Ajami's obit by As'ad Abu Khalil

Anas anaselhaouat at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 23 09:20:48 MDT 2014

Every now and then, Abu Khalil puts his polemics to good use.

This is a thoughtful obituary on Fouad Ajami's legacy and the phenomenon one sees in the West where Arabs have started to cynically disavow of their own heritage and culture as worthless, barbaric and tribal. Even referring to themselves as "we Americans" or "nous les français", or what have you. No doubt this is because of the right wing's constant demonization of Islam and Arabs. So they patronize themselves and play the "good Arab" by "integrating" to neoliberal culture so the white man approves of and sanctions their behavior as "correct". 
Political Islam is a dangerous phenomenon, no doubt, and just when you think that secular and atheist Arabs are your natural allies in countering its hegemony, you find out that these cynical and anti-Arab Arabs are seculars who adopted secularism in the bourgeois fashion, not the Volatarean; and atheist Arabs whom have adopted atheism in the fashion of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Richard Dawkins, rather than Karl Marx and Russell. 

Again, secularism and atheism aren't viewed in hostile light in the Middle East for purely religious reasons. 


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