[Marxism] Watch as John Oliver's Latest Epic Rant Hilariously Nails Dr. Oz and the Supplement Industry

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Mon Jun 23 14:55:09 MDT 2014

Anyone given over to supplements (and who hasn't been, at some time) has 
to watch this whole hilarious expose, right to the end. No one 
apparently can do it quite like Oliver:

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AlterNet <http://alternet.org> / /By/ /Janet Allon 

WATCH as John Oliver's Latest Epic Rant Hilariously Nails Dr. Oz and the 
Supplement Industry

"We're all looking for flowery language from our physicians."
June 23, 2014 /  |

Look, even John Oliver can admit that Dr. Oz is a terrifically 
good-looking man. "Any seat Dr. Oz is in is the hot seat," Oliver 
cracked about the TV huckster's turn being grilled last week in a Senate 
hearing about the dietary supplement industry.

Oprah's favorite doctor admitted during the hearing that his blatant 
peddling of "miracle weight loss" products is just a tad bit overblown 
in the hearing, though he still managed to make a number of questionable 
assertions, like, "No one is claiming magic" (actually, he has claimed 
magic a number of times,) and admitted he sometimes uses flowery 
language to appeal to his audience.

"Yes," retorted Oliver. "We're all looking for flowery language from our 

Oliver's Sunday night rant about the dietary supplement industry, 
clocking in at 16:25 minutes, was quite possibly his most epic rant yet. 
It started with Oz ("Name me one case where a man named Oz claimed 
mystical powers and led people astray") and moved from there to the 
deplorably unregulated and staggeringly profitable dietary supplement 
industry. Full of both facts and cracks (fact: Since 1994, the dietary 
supplement industry has grown from a $4 billion industry to a $32 
billion industry), Oliver hammered away brilliantly exposing the 
"shockingly overrated" and sometimes dangerous claims of the purveyors 
of supplements.

No doubt supplements are very popular. "More people wrote to their 
congressmen about dietary supplements than about the Vietnam War," the 
English comedian informs. But do people really know what they are 
getting when they buy and take these "magic" pills?

Watch this rant, both terrifically informative and hilariously entertaining

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