[Marxism] More nonsense from the pro-Russia brigade

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 17:34:53 MDT 2014

"It is appalling that Annis can rely on an analysis that includes this
jewel plucked from the Global Research/Party of Socialism and
Liberation/MRZine/WSWS.org toilet bowl:..."

I just autoskip over this sheisse.  But there is more connect-the-dots
wackiness: Now we also have the "Black" color-coded "revolution" in Anbar.
Problem is, they *must* oppose U.S. intervention.  Instead they hope for
Iranian intervention.  Hey knuckleheads, ain't that a trap set by Uncle Sam
and the KSA?  Another Iran/Iraq war to destabilize the Iranian regime?
Will the mullahs go for the bait?  ;-) (see how the dots can be connected
in any direction!)

I had lots of fun as a child with those coloring books connecting the dots
and then filling in with my favorite colors.

-Matt. procrastinating...

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