[Marxism] Spanish State: We must fight for a revolutionary constituent process. For a Workers’ Republic

Juan Andres Gallardo juanagallardo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 16:12:16 MDT 2014

King Juan Carlos I has abdicated in favor of Prince Felipe. He is doing it
in the context of severe exhaustion of the institution of the monarchy and
the worst crisis of the Regime of ’78. Ever larger fissures are opening up,
like the emergence of the Catalan question or the debacle of both parties
that are supporting this regime, the PP and the PSOE, that last May 25 did
not add up to half of the votes. This crisis is incited from below, by the
growing anger of millions of workers, groups of the poor, and young people,
that is expressed in hundreds of mobilizations and strikes.

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