[Marxism] $500 million for Obama to support the revolution?

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 26 17:05:41 MDT 2014

At 18:14 26-06-14 -0400, Shane Mage via Marxism wrote:
>WASHINGTON — President Obama on Thursday requested $500 million from  
>Congress to train and equip what the White House is calling  
>“appropriately vetted” members of the Syrian opposition..."

Well in response to Shane's perhaps premature question: I'd say that after
all of their broken promises and duplicity, the Obama regime OWES the
Syrian revolutionaries the military assistance it has held back over these
years. So insofar as this funding pays for equipment that the
revolutionaries need, it should be approved.

But of course what the Syrians need is NOT "training," which they have
obtained in the course of their own struggle (plus a large part of the FSA
consists of defectors previously trained by the Syrian military). And in
the above context, I can only see "training" as meaning the formation of a
force that would be acceptable and loyal to the US, so that's even more
repugnant. But if this were to go ahead, then I'd say that any such forces
who arrive in Syria should have their equipment and weapons commandeered
for use by the revolutionary forces as a whole. And then those individuals
should be re-vetted, if you will, to see if they are really Syrian
revolutionaries or more loyal to their "trainers" before they are trusted
or given responsibilities.

Well, I didn't really have to say all that, either. Because that is
naturally what the Syrian revolutionaries would do. The idea that a country
with deep pockets can just "buy off" a popular revolution has been
dispelled, in my mind at least, by looking at the result of the Libyan
experience. I don't say that no such danger exists, but the Syrian struggle
has progressed way too far for them to be corrupted by "gifts" from the
most untrustworthy of "friends," as has been the US. 

 - Jeff

>Various posters to this list have been vehement in their verbal  
>support (and denunciation of those opposed) to what they are pleased  
>to designate as the "Syrian Revolution." So they each one now finally  
>has to answer the question:  There must be at least one member of  
>Congress who you might hope would at least listen to your views--so  
>what are you telling her/him to do when it comes to appropriating your  
>money? The choices are Yes, No, or Abstain.
>Shane Mage

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