[Marxism] $500 million for Obama to support the revolution?

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Thu Jun 26 20:21:44 MDT 2014

We should bear in mind that the US has already been "training and
equipping" a few hundred (in total) "vetted" "rebels" (?) in Jordan
over the last 9 months or so. That isn't a secret. That the size of
the "vetted" force is tiny (a few hundred compared to 100-150,000
armed rebels) tells us a number of things.

First, that the aim isn't to help a revolution, but precisely to try
to undermine it. The kind of action such small elite forces would be
engaged in would be more conspiratorial rather than
mass-revolutionary. Thus since the US strategy since late 2011 has
been the 'Yemeni solution', ie, a cosmetic face-saver for the regime
to defuse the revolution, and Assadist regime without Assad, then at
most I could imagine such a force being involved in conspiring with
elements of Assad's military officaldom if a palace coup came to be on
the cards. But that, I stress, is "at most." At very most.

Second, that there are hardly any, relatively speaking, Syrian rebels
that the US trusts. Often people confuse the US words such as "vetted"
and "moderate" with the entire secular wing of the opposition. This is
entirely incorrect. The overwhelming bulk of the FSA (a term I use to
denote the specifically "non-political-Islamist" sector of the rebels)
would have nothing to do with any of the US conditions, any more than
any of the Islamists would.

Someone said one such condition could be making "peace" with Israel,
ie, giving up the Golan. Assad already did that years ago. But apart
from one lone right-wing voice from exile I heard lately, there is no
chance of any significant force in the opposition giving up the Golan.
Israel's repeated stated preference for a weakened Assad over any of
the opposition has always been above all based on the fact that it
trusts Assad re the Golan more than any others. It obviously trusts
Assad more on Palestine than any others too, since he's been a
uniquely good jail-keeper.

The other main condition, if not THE main condition, is that such
"moderates" would turn themselves into a "Sawha" movement and launch a
frontal attack on Jabhat al-Nusra, and perhaps other political
Islamists. Fighting the reactionary ISIS is not good enough for the
US. But there is no-one in the FSA ready to split the ranks of the
anti-Assad and anti-ISIS resistance prematurely, and committing mutual
suicide, just because the US demands it.

Shane often fills his short outbursts on Syria with right-wing
sounding islamophobic rants about "jihadists", a bin into which he
sweeps not only the entire islamist wing of the uprising but even the
secular. That method is quite common in the Murdoch media. But if
shane fears the "jihadists" in Syria that much, he should make sure he
votes for this US "aid."


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> If the money ends up in the hands of "responsible" organizations, it will
> either be used to push for US policy goals including normalization with
> Israel, or it will be used to split the opposition so that the country
> remains unstable and weak.
> Regardless of whom it goes to and how anyone feels about Assad, the policy
> is wrong and should be opposed.
> - Amith
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>> We cannot rule out the possibility that the US might actually carry
>> through its expressed intent here, even if it has been very reluctant in
>> the past.  They will of course do all they can to shape the opposition to
>> their own ends.
>> It seems to me that one of the weaknesses of the opposition has been their
>> inability to reach an arrangement with the Kurds.  One possible explanation
>> for this could be their great dependance on Turkey as well as the hoped for
>> aid from the US.
>> Before any one else says it, let me say that there are any number of
>> people on this list who have followed the situation more closely than I
>> have.
>>                                                 ken h
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