[Marxism] Dugin kicked out of Moscow State University

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Fri Jun 27 14:59:09 MDT 2014

A minor scandal is taking place at Moscow State University.  According
to Russian sources: http://www.gazeta.ru/social/2014/06/27/6089569.shtml

Aleksandr Dugin, one of the chief ideologues of Eurasia (the current
ideology of Russian neo-imperial conservatism) has been abruptly
dismissed from the sociology department at Moscow State University,
along with his Institute for Conservative Studies.  His boss, the chair
of the department, has also been forced into retirement.

This has happened on the orders of the Rector, Sadovnichiy, a
long-serving academic, leftover from Soviet days.  Officially, according
to the rector, the reason for the sacking is that "MSU is a place for
study, not politics.  Dugin spends too much time on politics."

There's been an ongoing battle at MSU between the old Soviet guard of
academic bureaucrats, and the newly emerging conservative,
ultra-nationalist go-getters.  This sacking is probably the latest salvo
in that battle, where Dugin is seen by some of the old academics as an
intellectual hack, unworthy of a place in MSU.  There is also an ongoing
scandal with dubious dissertations approved by the sociology department
under the fired chair.

At the same time, Vladimir Zhirinovsky is rumored to be a suggested
replacement for the sociology chair!!  Go figure.

Who knows, but Dugin is definitely Putin's man of the hour, as far as
ideological justification for the Eurasia project is concerned. And he
sounds a bit upset at his treatment, and has said that "he's expecting
Sadovnichiy's in-person apology for his actions."

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