[Marxism] Will anti-war groups embrace US "hit & run" morality?

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Sat Jun 28 13:15:51 MDT 2014

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      Will anti-war groups embrace US "hit & run" morality?

> According to a New York Times/CBS News poll released
> <http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/24/upshot/poll-shows-no-consensus-in-us-for-helping-in-iraq.html?_r=0> Tuesday:
>     Over all, 42 percent said the United States had a responsibility
>     to do something about the hostilities in Iraq, and 50 percent said
>     it did not.
> Anyone who is even casually familiar with the role of the United
> States in Iraq over the past several decades knows that its actions
> have played a major role in creating the problems Iraq is suffering
> from today. For more than a decade before the 2003 US War on Iraq, the
> US punished it with air strikes and sanctions that wrecked the economy
> and killed hundreds of thousands. That was followed by 8 years of war
> and occupation in which more than half a million people were killed,
> the country's infrastructure was destroyed, and the people were set
> against each other in the usual pattern of imperialist sectarian rule.
> The sectarian Shiite government against which the Sunni minority is
> now revolting was put in place by the United States. So to claim that
> the United States has no responsibility to do anything about the
> current state of affairs in Iraq, represents the same immoral denial
> of responsibility that has given Los Angeles a 48% hit and run
> accident rate
> <http://laist.com/2013/07/26/public_safety_committee_20000_hit-and-runs.php>.


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