[Marxism] Barry Commoner and the Great Acceleration

Ian Angus Ecosocialism at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 04:24:54 MDT 2014

New on Climate & Capitalism


by Ian Angus


Long before today's scientists accepted the idea, socialist-ecologist
Barry Commoner argued that there had been a qualitative change in
humanity's relationship with nature in the years following World War
II ... and explained why it happened and what it means for our future.

“We know that something went wrong in the country after World War II,
for most of our serious pollution problems either began in the postwar
years or have greatly worsened since then.”
--Barry Commoner, 1971

“[The] first stage of the Anthropocene ended abruptly around 1945,
when the most rapid and pervasive shift in the human-environment
relationship began."
--Will Steffen, Paul J. Crutzen, John R. McNeill, 2007

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