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Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Thu May 1 11:10:08 MDT 2014

I have the 50-volume print edition of MECW, which I have been gradually 
collecting since I was in London in 1975, and now with the withdrawal of 
so much of it from the internet, I'm glad I did, as I can make it 
available to others in this area where it's the only source. I wonder 
what thought has been given to translating the complete MEGA project 
into other languages. I can foresee that a great number of volunteers 
conversant in German could take on that task all over the world, and I 
would not expect that any entity would assert copyright privileges over 
it, so that online editions in many languages would be readily available 
(and not through editions sold to libraries). But there may be an issue 
of some kind of coordination to assure accuracy and reliability. There 
are models for getting the works online certainly, such as MIA, and we 
owe a huge debt to volunteers David Walters, Andy Blunden, Einde 
O'Callaghan and others I do not know the names of, but I'm curious as to 
how the MEGA Project sees that going forward?

Lüko Willms wrote

on Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014 at 01:20, Mark Lause wrote:

 > Isn't there also a major project to do an actually complete edition in
 > German?

Yes, there is. It is the MEGA - Marx-Engels GesamtAusgabe
 > <http://mega.bbaw.de/

There is also a "MEGA digital" available on the Web:
 > <http://telota.bbaw.de/mega/>

The German language Wikipedia has an article on MEGA:
 > <http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe>

BTW, the MEGA project informed that UNESCO had inscribed the "Manifest 
der Kommunistischen Partei", draft manuscript page and "Das Kapital. 
Erster Band", Karl Marx's personal annotated copy in the Memory of the 
World Heritage Register:

 > That could make the L&W translation of the shorter collected works
 > outdated in any event.

No, it would not. MEGA is a scientific, historical-critical edition 
which also shows how the author did arrive at what had finally been 
published. We need also regularly readable publications of those works.

Lüko Willms

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