[Marxism] Alain Badiou on Ukraine, Egypt and Finitude [23th April 2014]

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu May 1 16:39:21 MDT 2014

On 5/1/14 5:21 PM, Ralph Johansen wrote:
> Similarly, the fact that Ukraine has always had separatist tendencies
> and that these have constantly been reactive: that is, backed by
> strongly reactionary powers and even worse. The Ukrainian Orthodox
> clergy, whose sacred city is Kiev, has played a determining role in all
> this, and it goes without saying that it is the most reactionary on
> Earth, a megalomaniac centre of Imperial Orthodoxy. This separatism at
> certain moments reached extremes that no one could forget, particularly
> not the Russian people, knowing that the vast mass of the Nazi-armed and
> organised armies coming from Russian territory were Ukrainian. The
> Vlasov army was a Ukrainian army.

Do people take the trouble to fact-check the bullshit they forward to 
the list? You don't have to go to the library. Just look at the 
Wikipedia link that comes up when you google "Vaslov army".

There was no "Vaslov army". "Adolf Hitler permitted the idea of the 
Russian Liberation Army to circulate in propaganda literature so long as 
no real formations of the sort were permitted." (Wiki)

When they finally got the green light to form divisions made up of 
Russians, they were only deployed in the West as part of the Wehrmacht 
because Hitler feared that they would be susceptible to local anti-Nazi 
feelings in the East, especially in a place like Ukraine that the Nazis 
turned into a graveyard. As I have pointed out on multiple occasions, 
polls taken in Ukraine indicate that 98 percent of those polled regard 
the Red Army positively while only 2 percent feel the same way about the 
Bandera militias.

Those in "Vaslov's army" who did fight in the West were worthless to the 
Third Reich. "A number of such soldiers were on guard in Normandy on 
D-Day, and without the equipment or the motivation to fight the Allies, 
most promptly surrendered." (Wiki)

In fact, the ROA or Russian Liberation Army did not come into existence 
as such until  Heinrich Himmler convinced Hitler to permit the formation 
of 10 divisions. By February 1945 only one division had come into 
existence. "The only active combat the Russian Liberation Army undertook 
against the Red Army was by the Oder on 11 April 1945, done largely at 
the insistence of Himmler as a test of the army's reliability. After 
three days, the outnumbered first division had to retreat." (Wiki)

Alan Badiou is a horse's ass. I won't comment on Ralph Johansen's 
carelessness in forwarding his junk except to say that if Ralph was 
still practicing law, I'd hate to be in his client's shoes.

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