[Marxism] Alain Badiou on Ukraine, Egypt and Finitude [23th April 2014]

Ralph Johansen mdriscollrj at charter.net
Thu May 1 18:14:06 MDT 2014

Louis Proyect wrote

something typically intemperate. I'm not writing for the New Yorker, 
vouching for every word, nor are most who post here. And I know nothing 
of the history of the Vlasov army, nor do I think it's material. Badiou 
was making a far deeper point, not hinging on the accuracy of his 
recounting of the activities of the Vlasov army. He's commenting that 
what he learned "reading the press, listening to the radio etc., is that 
it is captured and understood according to an operation that I would 
call the complete stagnation of the contemporary world." That's his 
topic thesis and that's what I paid attention to in reading the article. 
Did you?

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