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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 2 06:56:09 MDT 2014

New York Indian Film Festival 2014
East Supplants West (On Film, At Least)

In 1998 Andre Gunder Frank’s highly controversial “ReOrient” appeared. 
It argued that “the East” (mainly China and India) would eventually 
supplant “the West” as hegemonic powers, thus reestablishing the 
relationships that existed before 1492 when all of Columbus’s fleet 
could be put on the deck of the flagship of Zheng He’s fleet that made 
multiple voyages to the east coast of Africa in the early 15th century.

I have my doubts about Frank’s overall thesis but on one level it is 
surely borne out by Indian cinema that now makes most American films 
look crude and amateurish by comparison. To see Indian cinema at its 
best, I urge New Yorkers to make it to the New York Indian Film Festival 
that runs from May 5th to the 10th. It can only be described as an 
embarrassment of riches.


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