[Marxism] Russia moves against critical media outlets

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 2 08:05:35 MDT 2014

In March, the editor-in-chief of Lenta.ru, a privately owned independent 
news website, was fired after the government issued the station with a 
"warning" because she'd interviewed a controversial Ukrainian political 
figure and ultra-nationalist. The editor was then replaced with a 
Kremlin ally.

TV Rain, Russia's only independent television station, was openly 
criticized by Putin's office for publishing a controversial poll about 
World War II. Some cable operators then dropped the channel and TV Rain 
abruptly lost its lease; it's in the process of being evicted from its 

In February, the general director of Echo of Moscow, the only 
independent radio station in all of Russia, was replaced by Yekaterina 
Pavlova, the former head of the Kremlin-operated Voice of Russia. 
Pavlova's husband, Alexei Pavlov, is the Deputy Chief of the 
Presidential Press and Information Office. The station had also had its 
website blocked inside Russia; it was only unblocked when Echo of Moscow 
agreed to ban opposition leaders like Boris Nemtsov and Alexey Navalny 
from blogging. Both men have also had their personal blogs blocked by 
government censors.

And so, in less than three months, the Kremlin effectively destroyed or 
hijacked much of Russia's last remaining independent media. Meanwhile, 
the Kremlin has reorganized some key Russian state-owned outlets to 
exert greater control over messaging, meaning Russian-language 
programming (TV, radio, internet, and print) is now dominated by 
Kremlin-controlled outlets.


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