[Marxism] Stephen F. Cohen is not the man he used to be

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Sat May 3 09:43:54 MDT 2014

Proyect wrote:

Ever since the crisis in the Ukraine broke out, Stephen F. Cohen has 
been campaigning on behalf of a Kremlin that he warns is being unfairly 
demonized by the West as part of an effort to start a new Cold War. Some 
of his arguments can only be described as ludicrous. For example: ?That 
the Ukraine crisis was instigated by the West?s attempt, last November, 
to smuggle the former Soviet republic into NATO.

and further:

Do you actually have an analysis of why NATO needs to close in on 
Russia? During the Cold War, the motive was to open up Russia for 
foreign investment. Right now Russia is the 3rd largest recipient in the 
world after the USA and China. Exxon and BP just met with their Russian 
partners to tell them that nothing has changed. Moscow is filled with 
Gucci shops and Mercedes-Benz dealerships while the Marxist left gets 
harassed by the cops as if Michael Bloomberg was mayor...


I don't believe Cohen ever said that the Kievan rebellion was "instigated" by the West, 
only that they took full advantage of it to futher their designs.

What is your explanation for the fact that Poland, the Czech Republic and other eastern European
countries have been brought into NATO? Or the fact that Washington is now attempting to conclude
military and trade alliances against China in Asia (the "pivot toward Asia) despite the fact that China
is even more open to foreign investment than Russia, and unions there are brutally repressed?
What is your analysis? Is your dismissal of geopolitics a declaration of your determination to 
be oblivious to them?


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