[Marxism] reviewer wanted

George Snedeker george.snedeker at verizon.net
Sat May 3 12:34:07 MDT 2014

Socialism and Democracy is looking for someone to write a review of Shlomo Sand's THE INVENTION OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL. An alternative would be a review of this book along with Sand's other book, THE INVENTION OF THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL. If you are interested in writing either the book review or review essay, contact me at: george.snedeker at verizon.net

You can find reviews and review essays we have published at our web page: www.sdonline.org. You can also find all of our published articles free on this web page. Socialism and Democracy publishes both a hard copy edition three times a year and electronically.You can also find information about subscribing on our web page. 

George Snedeker

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