[Marxism] Indian Film Festival 2014: four narrative films | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun May 4 15:56:31 MDT 2014

Starting tomorrow, New Yorkers will be able to see some of the finest 
new films in the world courtesy of the annual Indian Film Festival that 
runs from May 5th through the 9th. I had an opportunity to preview four 
narrative films as well as the documentaries that I reported on in the 
latest Counterpunch. All are exceptional and one in particular is a work 
of genius. Titled “Sniffer”, it is the story of a private eye who has 
more in common with a Truffaut character than Dick Tracy. Watching the 
film, it dawned on me that the New Wave is still going strong in India 
even if that great generation celebrated in Cahiers du Cinema is long gone.

In a conversation with the festival’s executive director Aroon 
Shivdasani a couple of weeks ago at an opening ceremony party she 
hosted, she stressed the social and political agenda that many of the 
films share. Ignoring the typical Bollywood film, not without their 
insouciant charm, the curators select uncompromising independent films 
that are geared to the art house market and leading edge film festivals. 
Since I am the ideal viewer for such films (I told Ms. Shivdasani that I 
live for films such as these), my assumption is that my regular readers 
will drive, take trains, fly, run or crawl to the theaters that are part 
of the festival venue.


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