[Marxism] The settlers/colonizers of Eastern Ukraine

Stiofan OBuadhaigh sobuadhaigh at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 16:06:20 MDT 2014

In reviewing Kagilaritsky's article entitled "The Logic of a Revolt" concerning the fighting in SE Ukraine , Louis criticized the author because he:

"...fails to make the elemental distinction between violence used by a colonized nationality to attain national and social liberation, and the violence of the settler-colonizer minority--"

I have heard Ukrainian nationalists contend that the presence of large numbers Russian speakers in Ukraine was the result of a settler policy pursued by the Soviet Union after the famine of the 1930's. I do not believe that this analysis holds up under historical scrutiny and I wanted to clarify this pont. 

Lou, given that you believe the Russian speaking regions of Ukraine were created by a policy of colonization and that those populations in Ukraine that speak Russian are "settlers," when did this policy of social engineering take place? Given the mix of peoples and cultures in Eastern Europe, I am having a difficult time seeing the populations of SE Ukraine as analagous to the French in Algeria, the Scots-Irish in Ulster, or the Boers of South Africa.

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