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On 5/5/14 1:22 AM, h0ost wrote:
> I won't even speak to the points about food and goods being in less
> supply, but this is the most absurd mis-characterization of Odessa's
> recent history, or Soviet policies, I've ever read.

Odessa is a horrible town. It's common knowledge. Instead of saying "a 
great difference," people them say "two great differences," and "tuda i 
syuda" they pronounce "tudoyu i syudoyu"! And yet I feel that there are 
quite a few good things one can say about this important town, the most 
charming city of the Russian Empire. If you think about it, it is a town 
in which you can live free and easy. Half the population is made up of 
Jews, and Jews are a people who have learned a few simple truths along 
the way. Jews get married so as not to be done, love so as to live 
through the centuries, hoard money no they can buy houses and give their 
wives astrakhn jackets, love children because, let's face it, it is good 
and important to love one's children. The poor Odessa Jews get very 
confused when it comes to officials and regulations, but it isn't all 
that easy to get thorn to budge in their opinions, their very antiquated 
opinions. You might not be able to budge these Jews, but there's a whole 
lot you can learn from them.To a large extent it is because of them that 
Odessa has this light and easy atmosphere.

Isaac Babel, "Odessa"

 From Collected Stories at 

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