[Marxism] More Assad victories over "terrorists": 9 Palestinians tortured to death 48 hours

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9 Palestinians tortured to death in regime prisons in 48 hours.
May 1, 2014 by Talal Alyan Leave a Comment


9 Palestinians have been tortured to death by the Syrian regime over the
course of the last 48 hours. The Palestinian League for Human
Rights-Syria noted that the number of Palestinians murdered by torture
in regime prisons has risen to 183 victims at least, 25 of which
occurred this past April alone.

Below, once more, we have listed the names of those most recently
murdered. These are the men who have been slaughtered in the last two
days. For a few, there are pictures to accompany the names. For others,
there are not. However, every name represents a Palestinian who was not
only killed but also subjected to an unimaginable torment.

Glory to the martyrs, shame on the silent.

-Ammar Ahmed Abu Rashid

Amar Ahmad

-Brothers Mohammad Abdullah & Ahmad Abdullah

Ahmad abdullah

-Abdullah Suleiman Zatoota

-Omar Hamdan

-Amer Hamdan

-Samir Hamdan

-Bilal Shehady

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