[Marxism] Dolphinarium: Bandera and Ukraine: A reply from Chris Ford

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 5 08:29:47 MDT 2014

I do not agree with the comparison of Bandera to the revolution of 1648 
at which Khmelnytsky was a leader, the events of that year were 
phenomenal and full of paradox. The military democracy of the Cossacks 
led a mass peasant revolt which overthrew the Polish colonial overlords 
who had introduced serfdom where it had never existed. Ukraine as a 
nation in many ways crystallized then, the peasants were betrayed by the 
elite, everything unraveled, there were vicious pogroms and it 
culminated in an alliance with Muscovy who slowly integrated Ukraine and 
turned it into a colony. Bandera was a very different phenomena and put 
simply without Stalinism there would have been no Bandera.


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