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Statement of left and anarchist organizations about “Borotba” 
organization (English, German, Polish, French, Serbo-Croatian, Lithuanian)

We, the collectives and members of Ukrainian leftist and anarchist 
organizations, announce that “Borotba” Union is not a part of our 
movement. During the whole time of this political project’s existence, 
its members tended to be committed to the most discredited, conservative 
and authoritarian “leftist” regimes and ideologies, which do not 
represent the interests of working classes in any way.

”Borotba” has proved itself an organization with a non-transparent 
funding mechanism and unscrupulous principles of cooperation. It uses 
hired workers, who are not even the members of the organization. The 
local cells of “Borotba” took part in the protest actions together with 
PSPU (Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, which is an anti-Semitic, 
racist, and clerical party, and has no relation to the world socialist 
movement) and with Kharkiv pro-government, anti-Semitic and homophobic 
group “Oplot”; and are known for their linkage with an infamous 
journalist O.Chalenko, who openly stands for Russian chauvinism.

Recent events demonstrate that the leadership of this union, following 
the example of the “Communist” Party of Ukraine, have been overtly 
defending the interests of president Yanukovych, justifying the use of 
weapons by security forces and denying the acts of unjustified violence 
and cruelty on their part, the use of tortures and other forms of 
political terror.  The representatives of “Borotba” take an extremely 
biased stance concerning the composition of protest movement, which is 
represented both on their own web resources and in the media 
commentaries. According to them, the Maidan protests are supported 
exclusively by nationalists and radical right, and were aimed only at a 
coup d’etat (“fascist putsch”).

We stand on antifascist positions, and our activists have often been 
victims of radical rightists’ attacks. We do not support some of the 
Maidan’s ideas, and are against the bourgeois opposition. We also 
condemn conservative, nationalist, and radical right sentiments, which 
are tolerated in the protesters’ circles nowadays. However, we emphasize 
that labeling all active citizens as “fascists” is not only false, but 
also dangerous. This one-sidedness is fueling chauvinist hysteria and 
divides society, which is only favourable for the ruling class.

On January 24th, the region council deputy and “Borotba” representative 
Oleksiy Albu participated in the protection of Odesa region 
administration building against “Nazis”,  accompanied by Russian 
Cossacks and nationalists (“Slavic Unity”) and the members of ruling 
Party of Regions and Communist Party. In his later interview, he 
admitted his cooperation with  the Security Service of Ukraine.

On March 1st, “Borotba” activists together with pro-Putin organizations 
took part in the assault on Kharkiv region state administration,  which 
resulted in raising of a Russian flag and severe beating of many Kharkiv 
Maidan activists, including a leftist poet Serhiy Zhadan. The members of 
“Borotba” call all of this “an antifascist action” and claim that these 
violent actions were aimed against radical rightists.

Therefore, we conclude that the leadership of “Borotba” union not only 
support the authoritarian Soviet past, but also consciously manipulate 
public opinion, and are acting as “pocket revolutionaries” of the ruling 
elites. Their activity at the moment does not have anything in common 
with leftist politics and class struggle, and is aimed at the support of 
pro-Putinist forces behind the mask of “antifascism” and “communism”. 
Thus, the actions of this organization are discrediting both its name 
(which is derived from revolutionaries-“borotbists” of the beginning of 
the XXth century) and all the modern Ukrainian left in general. 
Moreover, “Borotba” does not disdain overt lies and fact manipulations, 
deceiving foreign leftists and antifascists.

We urge all the conscious revolutionaries, who are still the members of 
“Borotba”, to leave this treacherous, pro-bourgeois union and to cease 
all the political relations with its leadership. We also hope that 
European and Russian left will reconsider their attitude to “Borotba.” 
The organization of this kind should be isolated.

No gods, no masters, no nations, no borders!

Workers of all countries – unite!

Autonomous Workers Union

Independent Student Union “Direct Action “

Journal of literature and social critique ProStory

Editorial board of Tovaryshka.info

Anarchist Black Cross – Ukraine

Anarcha-feminist collective Good Night Macho Pride

Anti-Fascist Action Ukraine

Visual Culture Research Centre

Left Opposition

Ivan Shmatko

Ostap Kuchma

Oleksandr Bogachenko-Mishevsky

Andriy Rosdolsky

Sviatoslav Stetskovych

Andriy Zdorov

Myroslav Chaikovsky

Serhii Ischenko

Pavlo Myronov

Vadym Gudyma (Left Opposition)

Olga Papash

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