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Just to poke the hornet's nest with a stick, I posted that Golden Dawn 
"anti-imperiaist" statement on Moon of Alabama--one of the higher 
profile Red-Brown websites. Look at the homophobia and the barely 
suppressed admiration for fascism. In the next couple of days I plan to 
blog about the rebirth of National Bolshevism (in some sense it never 
went away.)

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Maybe if Fake Left did something more than suck dudes' cocks and receive 
them in his arse, and actually spent time outside doing something 
besides mincing and sashaying between the home front door and the open 
Bentley door Jeeves holds open for them, they might not have completely 
lost the working class to right-wing groups such as Golden Dawn and the 
National Front.

The leader of Golden Dawn recommended killing bankers. This connects 
with down and out workers and the unemployed, and  of course it also 
explains why left wing pussies are so HORRIFIED by Golden Dawn. It's 
because Golden Dawn and the National Front actually speak in terms of 
protecting workers' jobs and committing violence against the Wall Street 

Oh, the horror. Can you even imagine a cocksucking buttfucking gay 
married leftist EVER suggesting that working class people should kill 
bankers? That day will never happen. Far better to be outraged by the 
workers than try to understand their anger. This is why the left is so 
pathetic, useless, and ineffective, and why it always will be.

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