[Marxism] Donald Sterling, Awful Sports Owners and the ‘Slippery Slope’ | The Nation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 7 10:36:35 MDT 2014

If Donald Sterling’s slums make him unsuitable to own an NBA team, what 
do we say about the repeated chemical dumping practices of Jacksonville 
Jaguars owner Shahid Khan? His company Flex-N-Gate has been cited for 
“39 violations of hazardous waste regulations over 20 years.” Workplace 
conditions at Khan's plants have routinely sent his employees to the 
hospital. Chemical dumping also has a long history of racism, as the 
neighborhoods with the least power get the dumping and the ensuing 
ill-health effects.

If Donald Sterling is a public embarrassment, what do you say about 
David Glass, owner of the Kansas City Royals and former CEO of Wal-Mart. 
In 1992, Dateline NBC broadcast damning scenes of Bangladeshi children 
slaving away at Wal-Mart products. When asked to defend this practice, 
Glass said simply, "You and I might, perhaps, define children 
differently.” He stomped out of the interview before answering why signs 
in Wal-Mart that said "Made in America" were hanging over goods made by 
Bangladeshi children. Yet David Glass remains.


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