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Gulf Mann gulfmann at gmail.com
Wed May 7 13:47:40 MDT 2014

I say toss them all out and create a slime-free NBA. Professional
teams in all sports should be municipally owned by the communities
where they are located, like the good old Green Bay Packers: people
teams, not Ruling Class, oligarchial teams. Time to evolve!

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> If Donald Sterling’s slums make him unsuitable to own an NBA team, what
> do we say about the repeated chemical dumping practices of Jacksonville
> Jaguars owner Shahid Khan? His company Flex-N-Gate has been cited for
> “39 violations of hazardous waste regulations over 20 years.” Workplace
> conditions at Khan's plants have routinely sent his employees to the
> hospital. Chemical dumping also has a long history of racism, as the
> neighborhoods with the least power get the dumping and the ensuing
> ill-health effects.
> If Donald Sterling is a public embarrassment, what do you say about
> David Glass, owner of the Kansas City Royals and former CEO of Wal-Mart.
> In 1992, Dateline NBC broadcast damning scenes of Bangladeshi children
> slaving away at Wal-Mart products. When asked to defend this practice,
> Glass said simply, "You and I might, perhaps, define children
> differently.” He stomped out of the interview before answering why signs
> in Wal-Mart that said "Made in America" were hanging over goods made by
> Bangladeshi children. Yet David Glass remains.
> full:
> http://www.thenation.com/blog/179727/donald-sterling-awful-sports-owners-and-slippery-slope
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