[Marxism] Opposition overstated number of victims of Sarin attackin Syria

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Phew. That's good to know that when you use chemical warfare against 
tightly packed working class neighbourhoods, it is actually not all that 
dangerous after all. Perhaps we should try to ensure we get some sarin 
to the opposition since it now seems unlikely that the casualties they 
could cause in bourgeois down-town Damascus would be too severe.

But I guess that's also why most of us in the first place stressed that 
the inordinate emphasis on one chemical attack, and the bogus 'red 
line,' was mainly intended to indicate to Assad that everything less 
than that red line was OK. Thus, even if we take the highest quoted 
casualty figures for the August chemical attack, around 1400, it means 
only 1/100 of the 150,000 killed In Syria were killed by sarin that day. 
The others were killed by all the conventional WMD that the regime  uses 
every day, so that's OK.


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Gareth Porter: "The data suggest that the Syrian opposition and its
external supporters had vastly exaggerated the scope and severity of the
attack [of Aug. 21, 2013]." Many details given, mostly from U.N. 

He does _not_ speculate that minimizing actual damage while
misrepresenting its severity would be consistent with the conclusions of
Seymour Hersh.

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