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Joonas Laine jjonas at nic.fi
Fri May 9 00:51:57 MDT 2014

> At the moment, the Western «left» seems to be pretty much
> clueless in terms of the events taking place there. This is
> because the «left,» broadly speaking, is not a very useful
> concept in the former Soviet Union, as it can mean anything
> from social-democrats and anarchists, to stalinists
> supporting Putin. Personally, I prefer to always write the
> word in quotation marks. I identify with anarchists, not
> the «left,» since, for quite a while now anarchists have
> been the only political force in Russia which united the
> ethos of opposing racism, sexism and homophobia to the
> ethos of social equality. Until very recently, there had
> not been much of any Western «new left» in Russia, with the
> exception of a handful of Trotskyists.
> full: 

The writer of this piece is a Finnish anarchist whose temporary 
residence permit in Russia was annulled in 2012 "for calls to violently 
overthrow constitutional order, or otherwise endangering Russia 
Federation and its citizens". He's among the handful of those Finnish 
Russia experts whose word and judgement on Russian affairs I tend to 


jjonas @ nic.fi

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