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Fri May 9 01:14:55 MDT 2014

"Revenge is the basis of all justice on earth. If this is something society
may not comprehend, fuck that society."

"In this respect, it makes no fundamental difference if anarchism has more
or less crime than our current society. Anarchistic Iceland was a culture
of violent machos, in which any insults were responded with swords. But
Icelandic scenario is not the only possibility for anarchism. It is just as
possible, that in anarchism people will live like in pictures of
Watchtower-journal, in which lions lie in Savannah amongst people and eat
fruits. But even if no-one was killed in anarchist society (indeed there
have been primitive societies in which murder is an unknown concept), in
anarchy everyone has a potential possibility to give a sentence and to
punish. And that, by definition, is violence. Thus anarchism is for

Interesting how some people here are so contemptuous of blackbloc
meatheads,  but when they encounter the same phenomenon multiplied 100x
over in places like the ukraine their eyes glaze over.  Small wonder this
political genius from Finland rationalizes the massacre in Odessa.


> <http://tahriricn.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/ukraine-
> anarchism-in-the-context-of-civil-war/>
> The writer of this piece is a Finnish anarchist whose temporary residence
> permit in Russia was annulled in 2012 "for calls to violently overthrow
> constitutional order, or otherwise endangering Russia Federation and its
> citizens". He's among the handful of those Finnish Russia experts whose
> word and judgement on Russian affairs I tend to trust.
> http://anttirautiainen.livejournal.com/profile
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